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Hoshi Almanac is the book you've been looking for

There are many things that exist beyond human perception. Just like the weather, you will go through many seasons in your life. Find guidance through those seasons in Hoshi Almanac by Sue Sato.

Published in fall 2023 on Amazon, this book aims to provide readers with insight based on star signs. You choose your own path, but sometimes in life, we could all use a suggestion.

See what information you can uncover within the pages of the Hoshi Almanac

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Sharing star-based guidance with others

Sue Sato grew up watching her mom count the stars. Her mom would use this system to guide and make suggestions for friends and family. Sue has since learned this practice and looks to share it with others.

The name Hoshi Almanac was chosen to highlight what this star-based guide covers. According to this practice, the year and number from your birth provide you with a pattern of energies and potentials you can choose to listen to or pass on.

Are you curious to learn more? You can meet Sue at the upcoming Japanese Festival in the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. Stop by one of her two booths. You can also catch her at her upcoming book signings.

Why should you read Hoshi Almanac?

Hoshi Almanac is not meant to tell you what to do.

Instead, it's a star-based life guide you can go to for suggestions. Open your mind and worldview up to the many possibilities before you. Then, make the best decision for you to reach your goals and improve your life.

You have the power to change your life for the better. Read Hoshi Almanac today to unlock your potential.