Get to Know Sue Sato

Explore her book and learn how to unlock your true potential

We all believe in things we can't see. Think about microwaves, X-rays or even gravity. Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it can't influence your life. In the same way, your birth energy pattern can be used to guide your decisions.

When you are born, you receive a number between one and nine based on the month and year of your birth. You can use this number to understand your potential better and make informed choices about your path in life. Learn more with Hoshi Almanac by Sue Sato.

The word "hoshi" means "star" in Japanese. The almanac is an annual calendar of statistical information. Sue Sato chose this title because she felt it best fit what she was trying to share with the world - a guide using the stars. Like any guide, you can choose your own path. But now you can better understand what your options are.

Stop wandering through life aimlessly. Purchase Hoshi Almanac today and discover your reference guide to choosing your life's direction.

Where else can you find Sue?

Since Sato's Hoshi Almanac was released in November 2023, she has been working hard to spread more information about this amazing, star-based practice. Clients of any age can look forward to...

  • Meeting her at upcoming book signing events in the Burkburnett, TX area
  • Learning more from Sato on her YouTube channel
  • Reading Sato's upcoming second and third book
  • Connecting with Sato on TikTok
Stay tuned for more information.